Kitchen Design: Modern, Transitional, Or Traditional?

Modern, Transitional or Traditional Kitchens are very different from each other. Any of these types of Kitchens never go out of style if they are classic in design. Most find Modern more simple, with clean lines, either straight or with slight curves. Transitional is a modern take on Traditional - neither will go out of style if they are not over the top with details. Both can be made to feel warm, with the addition of wood, as seen in this Modern Kitchen. In a Traditional Kitchen wood can create the sense of coziness.

The importance of “K” - Karla and A kitchen designer

Transitional is not modern or traditional it is a blend of traditional and modern styles with a focus on practicality. Blending elements of two distinct styles can be done well if done properly. Including an Interior Designer (such as myself) and a Kitchen Designer is very important! With the help of both designers, you can create a Modern, or blend the Modern and Traditional elements into a Transitional, or design a Traditional Kitchen. Working with an Interior Designer enables the Kitchen Design to relate to the rest of the home. The designer’s work together with the personal styles of each partner. They balance both feminine and masculine tastes into one cohesive design for a perfect Kitchen. With my years of experience I have designed all styles of Kitchens, Bathrooms, or Homes for my client’s. When I work as part of a team with a Kitchen designer, the client’s dreams become their reality!

Here a few things to remember when deciding on a style of Kitchen for your home.

Modern Kitchens often include:

  • Flat Panel / Slab doors

  • A combination of natural and manufactured materials

  • A Simple Flat Crown molding or no molding at all

  • Clean lines in craftsmanship

  • Industrial, or Modern lighting

Transitional Kitchens often include:

  • Cabinetry doors with a simple profile, often a Shaker Door Style, either stained or painted

  • A Simple Flat Crown molding or no molding at all

  • Neutral color palettes; The trend right now is a off white or subtle grey tone cabinets.

  • Clean lines in craftsmanship

  • Traditional, Industrial, or Modern lighting

Traditional Kitchens often include:

  • Cabinetry doors with traditional raised panels & elaborate profiles

  • Ornamental crown molding w/ details and layers

  • Natural materials with classic stains and colors

  • Detailed craftsmanship

  • Traditional lighting

Check out this CTV Video that features these two clients Kitchens I collaborated on with Tanis Johnson at Towne and Countree Kitchens. One is a Modern Kitchen and the other is a Transitional Kitchen. The video will show a few other styles of Kitchens I listed above. It is a few minutes long, but worth the view if you want to see what is current in Kitchen Design.