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I am thrilled and honored to be featured in Neighbours of Glenora Community Magazine for their January 2019 issue. I was approached by this Community Magazine and asked if I would be willing to put myself out there and share a little about myself. This is a hard thing for me to do, I have never been asked to talk about myself or my thoughts before. This made me very nervous, but when the writer Alaina Pascoe called me for a phone interview my fear subsided. Our conversation began and it felt as if we were old friends just catching up - what a relief! We chatted for over an hour enjoying each others company one Saturday morning - we joked, that it didn’t feel like work for either of us!

This magazine goes out to all the local communities that are apart of Glenora in my home city of Edmonton, AB. I have received the publication with my mail and enjoy reading about others in the community. It is nice to see the other business that support our community and our city.

I hope you enjoy reading about me if you live in the neighborhood and receive it in the mail. Please see the written copy below.