Words of the Wise

The Glenora Community Magazine article was a Great Experience for me! It has given me a new found interest in writing and sharing the things I have learned over the years with others.

As we were chatting our conversation turned towards being a small business owner and how both of us deal with the challenges of running our own companies. Not only did she write an article on my life with my husband Brent, but they included an excerpt on small business owners called “Words of the Wise” from 2 Small Business Owner by Alaina Pascoe. It was a pleasant surprise to see and read it in the Neighbors of Glenora Magazine.

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Read the Article & 5 Tips Here:

By Alina Pascoe

During my interview with Karla Billey, owner and operator of Karla Billey Designs, our conversation quickly turned to the trials and tribulations of being independently employed. She had such sage insights into the world of professional independence, especially in the creative sector, that I decided to include some of her best advice…

  1. Start Small: Don’t be scared to start from the bottom and work your way up. Karla Says, “one of my first jobs was with Ethan Allen and it was formative. My role may have lacked prestige, but I learned the tricks of the trade and it was a great basis for my own company.”

  2. Test the Waters: “When you’re first starting up your own business, you can’t afford to be picky and it’s good to get a broad spectrum of experience. Not being able to afford to say no is a good thing. Experience is the spice of life.”

  3. Be patient and learn from mistakes: “It isn’t a question of if you’ll make mistakes, it’s when.” She further underscores that mistakes are an integral part of the learning process and no one is immune to them.

  4. Find Your People: You cannot please everyone, and not everyone is your client. Karla insists, “one of the adventures of building a client base is finding clients that you simply jive with. Being at a point in a relationship where the client allows you the freedom to deem what would serve them best, is ideal.”

  5. Confidence is key: as a local tastemaker Karla knows the importance of being confident in her aesthetic, “the best thing you can do as a creative professional is to be confident in your skills. Go with your gut and do what you love.”

I enjoyed the phone interview and camaraderie with Alaina so much we discussed collaborating on some future ideas together. I will fill you in when we have something to share.