Renovation Basics:

Looking to update your home and do a Major or Minor renovation?

Check out the photos in this blog to see the results of a small renovation I worked on for client’s to update their Powder Room & Laundry Room.

Some things to consider before getting started (possible pitfalls, etc.) on increasing ones’ value of your home:

1) Decide on what you want to renovate.

2) Figure out your BUDGET! No one ever has a budget in mind, but it is necessary. Talk to your bank as they can get you started regarding what you can afford & your options for on how to get the money for the renovation.


Where do I start? How do I get started? Who do I contact? These questions can lead to one being frustrated and overwhelmed.


Hire an Interior Designer to come out and consult for 1-2 hours on what you should do to your home to update it. We ask questions such as: How long are you going to live in the home? This is a big determining factor to the amount of renovation one should do to the home. An Interior Designer can help you save a lot of aggravation, stress, and money. If you are planning to live in the home for only 5 years, or 10 plus years, I recommend the following few aesthetic changes to get the house ready to sell.

Staying for 5 Years:


- Freshen paint on walls to a neutral hue - *No BOLD colours such as Red, Yellow, Orange – only soft neutral hues. The Gray Tones with either a brown or blue base are popular, as well as white. These colours make a home visually feel larger, more open, and provide visual continuity throughout a home. They are calming for one to look at and visualize their own stuff in the new space. Depending on the style of the home the warm neutrals such as Tan or Beige colour may be a better fit depending on other finishes in the home.

- Paint cabinets in home to freshen the looks or change from being a dated colour or wood stain.

- Update laminate countertops at Kitchen or Bathrooms if severely out dated in colour & style to a current pattern.

- Change vinyl or laminate flooring if beaten up, torn etc.,

- Swap out old light fixtures for up to date styles. It is amazing how changing out light fixtures can change a look of a home.

- A cost effective change is to replace out dated hardware on your exterior and interior doors and hinges. If they are coordinated with the light fixtures this can bring unity to a space / home.

- Make sure all cabinets open and close easily, they may need only slight adjustments, and clean the interior and exterior of your cabinets.

- Make sure the inside of the windows are clean, no mold or mildew and that they open easily.

- Make sure appliances all work; Dishwasher, fridge w/ waterline, stove, microwave, washer, dryer etc.

- Make sure plumbing works, sinks faucets, toilets, and check the water pressure for these as well as at showers and tub faucets.

- Make sure your doors all close easily.

- Make sure your furnace is clean and working.


- Paint the front door a neutral contrasting colour such as Black or Charcoal.

- Make sure your trees, shrubs, hedges are trimmed nicely, and lawn is cut.

- Sidewalks should be clear of clutter and safe to walk on, ie: snow removal in winter w/ ice melt for slippage.

- Make sure your windows are clean, no mold or mildew.

- Make sure fence is straight and painted / stained.

Staying for 10 Years or More:

Everyone knows that renovating Kitchen & Bathrooms adds the most value to a home. These are the two areas that make a first impression. They are also the most expensive areas to remodel! If you are going to stay in a home for 10 or more years you may as well enjoy these spaces while you live in them. Make the above suggested changes on the Staying for 5 year list and add in the Kitchen & Bathroom renovations. You can add a little style in these 2 areas finish selections if you are going to enjoy them for the long haul.

- Change flooring to Tile and hardwood versus laminate or vinyl plank.

- Laminate or vinyl plank are best kept in more casual areas such as basements or family room and recreational areas, maybe a Bonus Room.

- Carpet is still a great price point and a good option for a more cost effective change ion bedrooms, basements, family room, or recreation rooms.

The above items are a few things that can be done to increase the value of the house through interior & exterior design changes.


Powder Room Before:

Remove Wallpaper Border, Countertop, Faucet, Sheet Mirror, & Light Fixture.


Powder Room After:

Change Countertop to Granite, New Faucet, New Decorative Mirror, & New Light Fixture.


Laundry Room Before:

Removal and install of a New Interior Door to the Laundry Room as this one didn't open with the placement of the existing washer & dryer. Remove mirror closet doors and relocate washer and dryer with upper cabinets. Removal of existing Hardwood Floor and install of New Tile Floor.


Laundry Room Before:


Laundry Room After:

With the washer and dryer moved to the closet wall, the upper cabinets moved above them, and new tile flooring (*I LOVE this pattern), this Laundry Room is ready for daily use!