Summer Renovations:

The summer months is typically a good time for one to renovate one’s home. This allows the family to be possibly away on vacation for 1-2 weeks while the major work is done, or let’s them BBQ while a Kitchen renovation happens. Whatever your project is, planning months in advance allows for a timely renovation. If you are just starting the process now, your renovation typically would start in the early Fall. There are different lead times for the different products / items to arrive as well as to schedule the different trades necessary for a project.

*I recommend getting an Interior Designer involved as soon as you decide to renovate to simplify the decision making process.

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations are the largest and one of the most time consuming renovations. Here is a short guideline for lead times on products:

LEAD TIMES: *Note: These are for the companies I deal with locally in Edmonton.

APPLIANCES: Typically come in 10-16 weeks, but can have longer lead times, unless you are buying directly off the shelf at a local box store. A Kitchen designer will need the specifications (specs) of the appliances as soon as [possible to make sure the design incorporates the sizes of each item: Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Stove or Cooktop with Wall Ovens, & Microwave to start with. Any extra appliances should also be selected and specs provided.

*Note: Most contractors prefer the client to purchase the appliances directly through the local store and have them delivered and installed onsite by the company providing them. Miele is one product that is only installed by Miele’s installers and no other company can install them or do warranty work on them.

PLUMBING: Allow for 10-16 weeks for plumbing fixtures for Ensuite & Kitchen Renovations; Tubs, Tub Faucets, Faucets, Shower Systems, Toilets, Sinks, etc. It is important to select the plumbing almost first as the rough in need to come in and be installed first while the framing is open, before drywall.

*Note: The contractor prefers to supply & install plumbing fixtures as they are then warratnied under their plumber. If you buy local most contractors will not warranty the item or install of it.

LIGHTING: Usually 8-10 weeks for Light fixtures to come in unless it is a special order it may take longer. Sometimes the items is in stock and the Lighting Store will hold onto the fixture until all fixtures have arrived and the home is ready for them to be installed. Lights are one of the last things to be installed.

*Note: The earlier the better for Light Fixture selection so one can see if there are any electrical changes that need to be made ASAP.

CABINETS: These take from time of order approximately 8-10 weeks to come in and be installed. The area needs to be prepared and ready prior to the cabinet delivery.

WALL & FLOOR TILE: Tiles for Kitchen backsplashes, Shower Walls, and flooring areas, can be ordered at time of cabinet delivery. These take approximately 2 weeks for it to arrive if not stocked in your city.

*Note: Tile backsplashes are done after countertop install, usually one of the last things to be done in a renovation.

COUNTERTOPS: Look at Natural Stone Slabs 2-3 months in advance and place a hold on the ones you prefer with the fabricator of your choice. Quartz products are usually available within 1 month or more. Laminate Countertops are usually within 2 weeks if in stock.

*Note: Templating of countertops happens once the cabinets are installed and then take approximately 2-3 weeks for instal depending on the demand for installation.


*NOTE: This Kitchen I collaborated with Tanis Johnson from Towne & Countree Kitchens (*She is the best)!


OLD Kitchen:

A White Kitchen to a New White two tone Kitchen: white perimeter w/ grey island, but what a difference!

We removed the light valance, took out the corner pantry. Changed the direction of the island & added a table to the island. We had to change the light fixture and their locations (worked my magic with contemporary square ceiling medallions), as well as added lights above the corner sink. New Appliances, with a cabinet depth refrigerator.


New Kitchen: Tada!

Karla Billey