What a Design Professional Can Do For You


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You can check out this article in Avenue Magazine September 2019 Issue which can be found at the locations listed on their website https://www.avenueedmonton.com/find-avenue-edmonton/

This article was a collaboration of a group of local Interior Design Companies who support each other in the Edmonton Interior Design Community. We believe supporting one another only betters the design community as well each business. The result of sharing information with each other betters our knowledge and therefore provides us with invaluable services and exceptional experiences to our clients.

Each business listed in the article specializes in their own design style, check out each website and view which one suits you.

Inspiration is the business of design and friendships with these like minded individuals makes me and my business better.

I enjoy getting together to share knowledge, experiences, trades, trade secrets, etc. with all of these Amazing Interior Designers!


Magazine Article: Avenue

Words: Laura Kurylo

Photo: Andrew Shaw

Place: The Raymond Block

What a Design Professional Can Do For You

Design is more than just decorating. Design is the overall essence of the things around you. It’s a combination of elements and principles that evoke an array of feelings, in an aesthetically pleasing way. A professional designer knows how these elements and principles work together cohesively, as they take into consideration the style preferences and lifestyle needs of their clients. 

All too often, designers hear from clients about the stresses they have experienced when working on projects independently. There are many variables when trying to complete a DIY design project. It can become an overwhelming process that is mentally, physically, and financially draining for a client. This is where the designer comes in. Designers can act as a one stop shop for all the design needs a client is looking for. With their training, experience and resources at hand, a skilled professional will take a lot of the burdens and stresses away from the designing process.

From colour consultations, material selections, and window coverings, to space planning, 3D renderings and project management, there are a multitude of details and services that come into play when creating a final vision. A professional designer will bring this all together in a cohesive manner. The first and most essential part of the design process is the connection between the designer and the client. Designers meet with their clients to establish a successful working relationship based on mutual trust and respect for one another. This is also where they create an all-encompassing design plan, with a unified vision for the client. The design and building industry offer a multitude of options when it comes to materials and services. To simplify the decision-making process, professional designers utilize their knowledge and expertise to make selections of utmost quality that are functionally and aesthetically pleasing, and within the client’s budgetary means. No matter the size or type of design project, it’s the responsibility of a designer to make the experience as seamless and enjoyable for the client, as possible.

This design collective has come together to support one another in the design community. It’s their vision to educate Edmonton and its neighbouring communities about the valuable services they offer, and to help bring any residential or commercial design vision to life.

Arin Brubaker - Garry Builders - www.garrybuilders.ca

Gena Heydanus - Sovereign Style Interiors - sovereignstyleinteriors.ca/

Niki Flis - FLIS Interior Design - www.flis.ca/

Jehan Fayad- Modern Era Design - www.moderneradesign.ca/

Brenda Brix - AMR Design - www.amrdesign.ca/

Ann Love - Ann Love Interiors - annloveinteriors.ca/

Jennifer Hughes - Turquoise Chair Interior Design - www.turquoisechair.com/

Keith & Tracy Fortin - Flawless Interiors - www.flawlessinteriors.ca/

Susan Jomha - Distinct Interior Design - http://www.distinctinteriordesign.ca/

Maureen Wright and Johanne Lewis - MoJo Design Inc. - www.mojodesigninc.com/

Navin Sidhu - FabHab Interiors and Consulting - www.fabhab.ca/

Melissa Ennis - Melissa Ennis Design - www.melissaennisdesign.com/

Karla Billey - Karla Billey Design - www.karlabilleydesign.com/